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                                                                                             -Bukit tinggi-

Thanks to join our travel agency , my name ferry has became  your tour guide now , I will explain about this town and tour spot for this town.

Bukit tinggi (Indonesian  for “ high hill ”)  is the second biggest ciy in West Sumatra, Indonesia with a population of over 91.000 people and an area of 25.24 kmits in the minangkabau highlands . The whole area is directly adjacent to the city of Agam Regency it located near the volcanoes  mountSinggalang (Inactive) and mount Marapi (active)  the city is a cool climate with temperaturebetween 16.1 to 24.9 C the city is the birthplace of some of the founders of the republic of Indonesia, such as Mohammad Hatta and Assaat.

Bukittinggi formerly known as Fort de Kock and was once dubbed as Parijs ban Sumatera besides of Medan. The city has been the capital of Indonesia during the Emergency Governmnt of the Republic Indonesia (PDRI) Before became the capital of PDRI the city has become the center of government, both at the time of the Dutch East Indies or the Japanese colonial period .

Bukit tinggi is also know tourist city in West Sumatra , Visited tourist spot is the Jam Gadang , a clock tower located in the heart of city as well as a symbol for the city . it is a city popular with tourist due to climate and central location. Attractions within the city include :

–          NgaraiSianok (Sianok Canyon) or pendiang valley is a beautiful valley, green and lush. In essence flowed a tributary of the winding cliff crevices tracing the background of mount merapi and mount Singgalang. This gap of about 100 m which stretches along 15 km with width of approximetly 200 m and is part of the fault that separates the island of Sumatra in half lengthwise ( fault semangko ) . sianok rod can now be forded by using canoes and kayaks that in initiated by a water sports organization “Qurays” the route tajen was from village to village sitingkailambah stem palupuh for approximetly 3.5 hours. At the edge there also the rare rafflesia plants and herbs. Fauna encountered such long –tailed monkeys, gibbons ,hoop, deer, wild boar, leopard and tapir .



–          LubangJepang ( Japanese Caves )  a Network of underground bunkers and tunnels built by the Japanese during World War II



–          Jam Gadang  a large clock tower built by the dutch in 1926.



–          PasaAteh & PasaBawah are traditional markets downtown


–          Taman Bundo kanduang park. The park includes a replica RumahGadang( literally : big house) the distinctive Minangkabau roof architecture) used as a museum of Minangkabau culture and a zoo . The Dutch hilltop outpost Fort de Kock is connected to the zoo by the Limpapeh Bridge pedestrian overpass


–          Museum rumah kelahiran Bung Hatta ( Museum of Bung Hatta Birthplace ) the house where Indonesia founding father Mohammad hatta was born , now a museum


That is a several spot you have came , because that a spot is famous in bukittinggi especially a Sianok canyon and Jam Gadang . because that place is a symbol of town and that place have a good view site.

aMinang People  said :  “Indak Lasuah do Jiko kabukik indak ka jam gadang dan panoramanyo “ .

The best way to explore bukittinggi is by motorcycle , car and by foot. If any question you can ask me as you wish .

Thanks for attention for the guest ,  enjoy this town .

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